Donald thinks he is in the Play Ground in Elementary School

All of what Donald T.  says sounds  like play ground chatter. “They hate me, they have a conspiracy against me.”  “She’s a liar.” “Nobody should believe her, she’s not pretty enough.”

He sounds like a kid who is not getting his way, when playing with others. Wow, I can’t imagine anyone wanting such an immature person as our President. He makes all kinds of promises to the down trodden workers out of work, but as President he would have  to work with Congress to pass legislation to get the policies in place that he wants to  propose.

Get real, Donald, this is not like your businesses, where you can go into ladies dressing rooms as you please because you own the whole thing. Besides the President, there is Congress, and the Legislative Branch, and don’t forget the Senate. You all have to work together well in the playground to  get things done.  Yes, the President has veto power, but before that he has only proposal power, the Congress or the Senate have to propose bills based on all parties recommendations. Then usually to get them passed there has to be some bipartisan work done.

By the way, has everyone forgotten how many times Donald has gone bankrupt? He thinks it will be so easy to balance the budget, and where will all the money come from to build walls around the U.S.

Here is a picture of my late father when he was a child. I posted this just because he was an awesome man, a veteran of Vietnam and the Korean Conflict and served 22 years in the USAF. I wish he could have been president. He knew the rules of the playground.

This is a very young Dan Park My Dad


What a funny deflection.

He just deflected the question toward ISIS not his behavior toward women, even if it was boasting locker room talk. Hillary is going back to the question. She is right, he is a person who has no respect for women or minorities ect.

Daily Recap: Musical

At the last minute I was asked to chaperone going to see Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat at The Fox Theatre downtown Riverside. I thought it was fabulous. 

Then I came home and did my taxes, filed online. That wasn’t too hard and I will be getting a refund from both state and federal. 

Then I talked with almost every member of my family. With Danielle it was about my surgery in June, getting me up the stairs to my apartment afterwards. Then we talked about plans with Junyor to spend time with each other. He and I might drive up to see Jay and make some side trips on the way. This will be in July. 

I also talked and joked with Keith by text–boy is he up with the times now. Later last night I talked metaphysics with Jay. 

It turned out to be a rather full day. 


I have been attending a night for poetry critiques for a while now. I shared some of my old poems from the early ’90s and The Concrete Porch, which I may not change much based on the feedback. 

I have learned so much. I started writing  many new poems to submit, with  the last one, the group didn’t have too many problems with the way it was written. 

I have yet to write the poem about Nashville and hearing all that Country music from my childhood, causing me to cry, 

I don’t want to cry in my beer…   

It’s a start.

Daily recap: Frantic

This is more like a recap for several months. The school year has been frantically busy. Every year seems worse than the one before. 

We have a new principal, as of this last week. Along with all the new staff members in the CTE department we have many new opportunities to build a fantastic program for out students. 

 I was able to go to the National Science Teachers  Association conference in Nashville,  March 30th through April 3rd. I learned much. I also had a chance to get out a see the Country Music Hall of Fame and a dinner theater called Nashville Night Life. It was very nostalgic for me hearing so much of the old Country and Western songs my Dad was always listening to especially on our cross-country trips as a kid. 

I chaired a WASC visit. Chairing a visit is the hardest volunteer work I have ever done, I and the team work harder than we often do at our school sites at least in terms of the intensity of the work, there is no real down time. Nevertheless, I learn so much on each and every visit. 

I have much to do over the next few weeks before school is out on the 5th of May. We have the Showcase on the 15th of April and the Powwow the next day. It’s a hurry up and get things done time of year.  

 The picture is with Mark Powelson at Nashville Night Life!

Daily update: Dentist, Pain and Sub Plans

The cute little corn husk doll is what i made at Indian Day the subject of my last post.

I am miserable right now going through some horrible pain due to a tooth abscess at least I assume that’s what it is. I am not a fan of a medication the Dr. prescribed for me called Meloxicam.  This medication seems to take hours to kick in and doesn’t last all day at all.

I am home waiting for the dentist office to open so I can talk to her about a 3 month old referral to the oral surgeon for this problem which I thought was gone away. Some things cannot be handled with homeopathic methods. I am still in pain and exhausted due to no sleep last night.

Therefore at 4:45 I got up because I wasn’t sleeping anyway and went to work to set up the lessons for today. I know that 90% of the students are not going to try very hard on the  assignment. They really don’t want to read to find out information. I really have no choice but to use worksheets or book work when I am gone as no one except two people on staff are qualified to help with chemistry or biology. Last time the sub was there she sent some students to the library. Uuuggghhh!


Daily Update California Indian Day at Sherman

We had a fabulous time today despite the heat. The  

 environmental club I sponsor got an Eagle Award. I am so proud of all the members. 

I was pretty sick this week but I am better now. I am sad for a newly found friend of mine, Judy,is on her way back home today. We have been hanging out together antique, thrift store, and other shopping. We BBQ together and have a few drinks. We talk about and share good books. We talk about science and our philosophies of life. Her well traveled life inspires me to think about teaching abroad after I retire from Sherman. Her and I will keep in touch. 

It’s less than three weeks until the divorce is final. I am surprisingly fine with it. I have had the best of all counseling and I am getting used to being alone. I still don’t love it but good friends and family whom I can confide in and call on are there for me.