Daily update: Dentist, Pain and Sub Plans

The cute little corn husk doll is what i made at Indian Day the subject of my last post.

I am miserable right now going through some horrible pain due to a tooth abscess at least I assume that’s what it is. I am not a fan of a medication the Dr. prescribed for me called Meloxicam.  This medication seems to take hours to kick in and doesn’t last all day at all.

I am home waiting for the dentist office to open so I can talk to her about a 3 month old referral to the oral surgeon for this problem which I thought was gone away. Some things cannot be handled with homeopathic methods. I am still in pain and exhausted due to no sleep last night.

Therefore at 4:45 I got up because I wasn’t sleeping anyway and went to work to set up the lessons for today. I know that 90% of the students are not going to try very hard on the  assignment. They really don’t want to read to find out information. I really have no choice but to use worksheets or book work when I am gone as no one except two people on staff are qualified to help with chemistry or biology. Last time the sub was there she sent some students to the library. Uuuggghhh!



Daily update: Pain is disheartening

I have pain from a tooth which has abscessed. It is no good. Since last post life has not been so good because of the “other thing” which I still have a seed of hope for; but the tooth thing was probably brought on worse by the stress of what is going on.

Let the stress melt away is what I want, but it is not happening right now! The pain killer is working for now, hopefully the antibiotic will start to get in there and reduce the inflammation. I should never have waited so many days, but I knew that things would fall apart as far as instruction with me gone any time the last three days.

Next week I will have to get students to volunteer for the Showcase. So much happening all at once. Life just isn’t what you expect it should be. It really all boils down to only being able to depend on only yourself.