Daily Update California Indian Day at Sherman

We had a fabulous time today despite the heat. The  

 environmental club I sponsor got an Eagle Award. I am so proud of all the members. 

I was pretty sick this week but I am better now. I am sad for a newly found friend of mine, Judy,is on her way back home today. We have been hanging out together antique, thrift store, and other shopping. We BBQ together and have a few drinks. We talk about and share good books. We talk about science and our philosophies of life. Her well traveled life inspires me to think about teaching abroad after I retire from Sherman. Her and I will keep in touch. 

It’s less than three weeks until the divorce is final. I am surprisingly fine with it. I have had the best of all counseling and I am getting used to being alone. I still don’t love it but good friends and family whom I can confide in and call on are there for me. 


Writing a Thrilling Scene, Take 1, and Action!

Again, these articles are what we are looking at when we go to the basement every Tuesday night. If you are a writer and live in or near Riverside you should check it out.

The process server from the fly by night notary service beat me up. His name was Mike. We fought for a couple of minutes, throwing punches, hitting and kicking each other repeatedly when out of nowhere a Blue Chevy Truck with a chrome bumper and painted flames came barreling through the red brick wall. My friend from high school Bobby came out of the car and said to me: Hey, stop fighting you two and come help me move my pickup before the police come and we are all arrested for trespassing. At the same time Mike the process server punched me twenty six times in the face and I choked him until he was unconscious, just after he cried “Uncle”

Was that a good action scene, or was it as painful to read as the fight itself?” What went wrong? Why was it so bad?

A story needs conflict…

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Ghost Stories

My goal is to write several short stories over the next few weeks. One of the first is going to be a ghost story. I know only a few people find this blog but those who do please add comments about your most interesting ghost story. 

Here is the start of my story:

Iliana was a realist so when all these strange things started to happen in her new apartment she just figured at first that she was being forgetful about where she had left things…

” So I was thinking wow I know I left that book on the coffee table right there yesterday.” I said. 

“Really Iliana,  you are just mistaken about where you left it.” Adrianna winked at Bonita and all three of us just started to crack up laughing. 

I knew it was part of that insiders joke thing we all had going about how our age was getting to us all. The truth is I had not told them much about what was going on at all.

I was just about to drop the whole thing when Bonita chummed in, “you know I used to live in a house that was haunted, it was on fifth street, you know over by St. Benard’s Park.” 

“Well, I’m not saying my apartment is haunted, just that strange things seem to be happening and I really am not willing to hang it all on CRS.” I interjected. 

I just knew Adrianna was going to pooh pooh anything that Bonita was going to say about ghosts, but she said nothing.

 I was glad, I was hoping to add to my knowledge of ghosts because I really was begining to suspect the worst. Bonita didn’t usually tell a story just for laughs…


I was having a great time Wednesday night painting! It was so much fun. I relaxed and fully enjoyed myself. So if you enjoy painting then do it. 

I also finished reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I had read The Valkeries and was intrigued by this writer. 

Yes! I really like a statement in The Alchemist, “No heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dreams…” I am not sure I totally agree, and some of the suffering we experience most of the time is due to our ties to the past or what others will “think.” There is suffering in life regardless of the kind of journey we choose, I think our attitude toward the suffering lessens the impact to our minds, if we see it as part of the journey. The sunset in my picture represents my dream as there are stories of each day glowing in the heart at the end of the day.

How to Hack your Writing Method

Whereas I have been attending the workshops at Underground Writer’s Unite for a few weeks now I will start promoting this blog on my almost non existent WordPress reach.

Own your Writing Style

A writer writes, but how do you conceive an idea and make it come to life? Do you daydream for hours on end and develop scenes in your head before you ever write a word, or do you sit in front of your computer and wait for inspiration to strike?

Your writing can get carried away. By spending to much time plotting and outlining, you might find it hard to gather all of the information into one compelling narrative. On the other hand if you’re a pantser you might end up with a narrative that dances around beautifully sculpted details, convoluted to the point you lose track of the story arc.

In this article we will discuss how to keep track of creative ideas. We will cover how to organize ideas into a well scripted piece of writing. That way a story can be written effectively…

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