Donald thinks he is in the Play Ground in Elementary School

All of what Donald T.  says sounds  like play ground chatter. “They hate me, they have a conspiracy against me.”  “She’s a liar.” “Nobody should believe her, she’s not pretty enough.”

He sounds like a kid who is not getting his way, when playing with others. Wow, I can’t imagine anyone wanting such an immature person as our President. He makes all kinds of promises to the down trodden workers out of work, but as President he would have  to work with Congress to pass legislation to get the policies in place that he wants to  propose.

Get real, Donald, this is not like your businesses, where you can go into ladies dressing rooms as you please because you own the whole thing. Besides the President, there is Congress, and the Legislative Branch, and don’t forget the Senate. You all have to work together well in the playground to  get things done.  Yes, the President has veto power, but before that he has only proposal power, the Congress or the Senate have to propose bills based on all parties recommendations. Then usually to get them passed there has to be some bipartisan work done.

By the way, has everyone forgotten how many times Donald has gone bankrupt? He thinks it will be so easy to balance the budget, and where will all the money come from to build walls around the U.S.

Here is a picture of my late father when he was a child. I posted this just because he was an awesome man, a veteran of Vietnam and the Korean Conflict and served 22 years in the USAF. I wish he could have been president. He knew the rules of the playground.

This is a very young Dan Park My Dad


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