Ghost Stories

My goal is to write several short stories over the next few weeks. One of the first is going to be a ghost story. I know only a few people find this blog but those who do please add comments about your most interesting ghost story. 

Here is the start of my story:

Iliana was a realist so when all these strange things started to happen in her new apartment she just figured at first that she was being forgetful about where she had left things…

” So I was thinking wow I know I left that book on the coffee table right there yesterday.” I said. 

“Really Iliana,  you are just mistaken about where you left it.” Adrianna winked at Bonita and all three of us just started to crack up laughing. 

I knew it was part of that insiders joke thing we all had going about how our age was getting to us all. The truth is I had not told them much about what was going on at all.

I was just about to drop the whole thing when Bonita chummed in, “you know I used to live in a house that was haunted, it was on fifth street, you know over by St. Benard’s Park.” 

“Well, I’m not saying my apartment is haunted, just that strange things seem to be happening and I really am not willing to hang it all on CRS.” I interjected. 

I just knew Adrianna was going to pooh pooh anything that Bonita was going to say about ghosts, but she said nothing.

 I was glad, I was hoping to add to my knowledge of ghosts because I really was begining to suspect the worst. Bonita didn’t usually tell a story just for laughs…


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