Reconnection installment II

…I hugged my son and took in the view of the surrounding mountains. Yet my focus turned back to my son. He is so healthy, embracing life to the fullest. I and he were both a little keyed up me from the confusing drive up here and him from waiting up all night so we went for a walk. As we walked through the woods on the gravel roads Jay pointed out all the plants and berries by name, some of berries were ripe and we enjoyed eating quite a few, blueberries, raspberries and many more for which I don’t remember the names. Since I  lived in Southern California for so long,even these mountains were much greener than any I have seen since living in Maryland years ago. 

Mostly Jay and I talked and for the next 7 days; we almost never stopped talking. We talked about the past and how we both are in a transition phase in our lives. We talked about learning lessons and relationships of the past and present with family and friends. We talked of plans and dreams for the future. We reminisced  about old times good and bad. Because Jay mentioned we were going to a class on Wednesday about 3D printing, we  discussed the newest technologies and innovations.

After the walk and a healthful smoothy for breakfast we both tried to sleep for a while. Neither of us could sleep as it was sunny by this time and quite warm. I was reminded of our hormone driven circadian rhythms and how hard it is to try and retrain the human body to sleep during the day. 

Needless to say we didn’t do much that day other than a small trip to town 2 miles away and a second walk to the creek. And of course as I said, we  talked and talked; we were reconnecting. 



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