1st Installment Washington and a Reconnection: Round Abouts and an Early Dawn

Try to guess what the picture is and I will tell you next blog. 

I arrived in Seattle after midnight but with a long drive ahead of me to Maple Falls. Getting the car rental went fine. As I left the airport I easily found the freeway but when I was to exit onto the I-5 there was a detour. 

No big deal, I said to my very tired self. With the voice activated navigator on my phone I will do fine. And I did do fine even finding the exit I wanted off the I-5 easily. 

My first impression of the roads was not my expectation. All the roads appeared as if newly paved!  Then I encountered a detour. Well, again no big deal, I had the navigator and the signs to follow, or so I thought. Soon I had my first introduction to round abouts in Washington State. $&(??;$.  Really they aren’t so bad except it is very hard to mesh what the navigator says, “take the second exit off the round about toward…”   Round abouts are small circles at intersection which don’t slow you down as much as stop lights and the quickly indicated exits are hard to visually interpret in the dark. Somehow in my exhausted state I got it wrong three times in two different round abouts and I was turning around going back and forth on the unfamiliar roads for an extra 20 minutes or so.  Needless to say, I am not a fan of round abouts. I do love the well maintained roads! 

I finally arrived at my son’s abode about 3:55 am. I was introduced to the short summer nights in North West Washington state. After several hugs of greeting I looked at the sky about 4:10 am and I saw a hint of dawn in the sky…to be continued next blog.


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