Generations and Their Toys

I was wondering the other day about Tupperware toys like the one pictured and if they still make them. My late brother Craig who was 9 years younger than I had this toy, yet I remember playing with it as much as he maybe did. There was something comforting about putting all the pieces  in the correct slots. I felt like something had been accomplished. Then just like knocking down the sandcastle, one good twist and a few shakes and the shapes were liberated and the task was done again and again. I never seemed to tire of it. 

And why is it that humans will engage in building towers of cards, sandcastles, or snowmen knowing these structures will soon be destroyed? 

I imagine it is because the tasks are playful help us see and engage with patterns. Seeking patterns is important in human experience, I propose that doing these activities are a way to demonstrate mastery a motivator for humans.


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