My life had settled somewhat into a routine that will have to change again when classes start up again. That will be in about 3 weeks. This summer has gone by fast but I did make it that way by keeping busy. 

My bedroom is pretty much decorated now. I still need to work a little bit on the curtains, but they are up. 

 I received some feedback on MR. NOTION yesterday at the IHOP critique meeting. Not having been educated in the realm of literature I don’t know much of the literature they reference and pepper their comments with. I really had no idea that there was a universal theme where the psychotic person was portrayed as questionably the real thing. 

I will take their suggestions and mull them over, but in the light of what I learned at the Friday gathering about “What Agents  Want”   I am not sure I should make changes now.

I will take to heart what she said about putting your heart and soul into finishing the story first and then do the edits and changing later. I can’t get out if the habit of wiorking on grammar and spelling as I go quite yet but I will see if doing the voice activation will help with the final product being kind of rough but at least on the computer. Seems very hard to get the computer to capture what you’re trying to say without mistakes. This really makes it harder to work with when you’re trying to write a blog. It could work serviceable as I’m trying to write out a manuscript and get it on computer to finish the story in the roughest form. It just that many words are misinterpreted by the computer. If I let this go and try to go back later I may not remember the exact word. I might be able to figure it out in context but not always. Regardless I will give it a try.

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