Daily recap, on the mend through groups

Getting out and meeting other people seems to be the best way to deal with this deep sadness I have about the separation and the divorce. I went to two different groups yesterday. RAIN is a monthly women’s group and they had a close out session about being in the moment. I related this to when lessons go so well that the grand discussions happen. That can’t be much more in the moment. But really, most of us are living for the hopes of the future and full of regrets for the past. 

I went to a second group called the Writer’s Critique and this was enjoyable. Stories were shared and good advice flowed. I was impressed with the sharing from Tiffany with her short vignette about chess with the Angel of Death. This week on Monday I went to Larry Dunlaps book launch and that was good. I am keeping busy.  

Here is a pic of one part of my now decorated and unpacked apartment.

Now off to get my car serviced for a factory defect.  


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