Long Time Since a Post

There is a very good reason why I didn’t post for a while but in the long run I think that I’ll get back to this in a better way. I’ve moved out of my home for the last 11 years into a little apartment. The reason why I’m going to be getting a divorce. Actually my husband same number of years wanted to divorce. Regardless of what I feel about why he wanted to divorce or what what were the motivating factors as to why he didn’t want to work it out, I have to deal with this and be on my own.  Regardless of the fact that I still love him and wish he would change his mind I had to leave behind the life I knew and move on. I am heartbroken and I break down ad cry several times a day. So here it is, this is the only thing I am going to say about this divorce in any public way.   

So here is a lovely picture of my daughter to finish this post on a positive note. We were at my grandson’s Junyor  graduation. 



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