Daily Recap: The pond and so much more.

The pump and the filter are all installed for the pond and it has about a foot of water in it. The fence will go in Wednesday and be done by the end of the day. Yeah! then we can fill. We can work on the landscaping on Friday afternoon with non-juniors.    I hope we can get weed block down and mulch by then so we can get the plants actually planted. We had to water the plants twice today because it was so windy.


I was thinking about this and we have so much to learn about how to take care of the pond. It will be one of the major projects that will be ongoing next year. I will be making the pond a part in some way of each unit of study.

Which brings me to the curriculum next year for transition to Next Generation Science Standards. I have started an outline of the units. I see some of the crossovers and connections to the old standards but there is some parts of the standards which do not include what was a big part of the standards such as human body systems. This is only touched on in with the Structure and Function section. With less emphasis on rote memorization, I am really wanting to know what the standards aligned statewide tests are really going to be like. If they stick to the way the performance expectations are spelled out and the parameters set out in them negating the need of students to “memorize and regurgitate  multitude of facts and details” how can the students be assessed well on their content knowledge? Will they only be assessed based on performance? How will this be aligned with AP and other specific discipline classes such as anatomy and physiology or should there be an alignment for such specific classes like these? Were these standards designed with only the performance tasks in mind for standardized tests and really should they be referenced only as applicable for courses such as biology which really should be no different in content than a general biology class at the college level?


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