Daily Recap: The Pond and other stuff

I am moving into a two bedroom apartment in a community for 55+ in less than a month. Originally I was going to get the 1 bedroom but it was way too small. I think I would have died from feeling cramped in there. I is not costing me much more for the two bedroom than it would have if I had to get a storage unit for my things which is what would have had to happen.

The community is very nice and quiet as far as I can tell. It is 6 minutes away from work! Of course I am moving during summer break, but still, I can go and check on the pond daily and make sure it is working well this summer. Plus keep the plants alive.

We are doing our third weekend of work on the Pond tomorrow. I think we will get it all done except for filling it and planting the plants but we can start placing them where they go for the curbing guy to work around.

We went to the school cemetery today to clean up. It needs more work but we did one full hour of work. I will be close enough that maybe I will come and do some work once a month or so, just myself. It is a very peaceful place to go.

I hadn’t posted in days because of many things happening this week. We had the Clean Campus Competition Judging. We had to make arrangements for the fence for the pond. We had meetings about giving the SBAC for the Juniors. I am trying to get caught up with grading. We also did a lab this week for biology. We had an awards assembly today. I was pleasantly surprised about the academic achievement of some of my students.


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