Daily Recap: life lessons about dentistry

Today was a nothing but paperwork day. Ever so frustrating. Now I am editing a document which is frustrating as I don’t have the editors here to ask them questions. I am slogging through this, taking this small break to write this update. 

I thought I had a major root canal in the works but the infection near my back molar doesn’t seem to be below the tooth. Yesterday I had a big bump at the top of gum line very round and the pain was localized there. I could and can now push on the molar adjacent to this now burst bubble of infection with no pain. This indicates to me no root involvement.  I do have some pain in my check, lower down on the jawline on the outside?


 I think the dentists are quick to say the little shadows they see on the X-rays are infections in the tooth and need a root canal.


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