Daily Update Number 02: Like a diary but not really.

The picture is of Dinky Creek, one we took a few years ago.

Despite the fact that I have not posted in about a week I still get a few views here and there on this site for various old posts. I never experienced that on the other blog sites I had been on a year or so ago.
Life has gotten really crazy for me in the last few days and once I get a few things resolved I may share some of the worst of the relationship issues that have occurred in my life in separate blogs.
On the professional side of things, yesterday was event filled. I got a grant a few months ago to build a pond on campus and now finally, almost at the end of the school year, we have most of the logistics of building it planned and handled. We have the work day planned as well. I was freaking out because one person told me that the rock that had been delivered was giant boulders. I have a wonderful coworker who is part of the program mentioned below who is a great partner in this project and she assured me the rocks were of the appropriate size. Of course, there could be jokes made where we ask, How big were those rocks? I found out I received another mini-grant which will pay for the plants around the pond.
One of the programs on campus which has been very beneficial to the students is not going to be continued next year. There could be hope for next spring, but the employees as part of this program can’t wait that long without a job. They will be moving on to somewhere else.
The viewing of microorganisms under to microscopes in biology went well today considering I used only the mud and water and algae from our fountain which is really not a pond. There is the cool site called a Virtual Pond Dip and we reviewed some of these in 1st hour before the microscope inquiry lab today. We did see hydra, rotifers, and stentors.
There is even more that happened yesterday regarding my volunteer work which I am not really at liberty to share, but it all worked out for the good. It was just stressful along with the personal stuff going on…well this explains why I am up at 4:30 a.m. writing on my blog because I can’t sleep. I did sleep some, but the last three nights I wake up after about 4 hours and usually don’t go back to sleep for more than cat naps after that. Uggghhh!


5 thoughts on “Daily Update Number 02: Like a diary but not really.

    1. Yes, it has I am posting these about 10 days after the fact, I didn’t want to post anything while I was actually gone. I went to be around 8:00 that night and slept until 7:00 am the next morning and I was much better.


  1. Hoping the pond construction goes well for you, and that it will be a great addition to your campus. Having improvements in nature is very important on a college campus, enjoying a pond on campus can very much be part of an enriching learning experience. Thank you for sharing.
    I gave a little “shout out” for your blog, in the hope it will bring more readers your way. No obligation to pay forward, but here is the link http://theoldfellowgoesrunning.com/2015/07/16/happy-birthday-happy-blogaversary-and-bestowing-some-blogger-love/comment-page-1/#comment-1545
    Have a WONDERFUL day! 🙂


    1. Thank you for your comments and the shout out for my blog. The pond is sort of full of water and algae and has a leak too so will have to address this next week. I am so looking forward to my once a week lessons on pond life and ecosystems. Once the leak is addressed I will have the students research what fauna to add. There are so many observations and other things for them to learn using this newly emerging ecosystem.


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