Inland Area Writing Project Reunion today

I was at the Inland Area Writing Project Reunion today at UCR. This was absolutely wonderful. I enjoyed every moment of it and the food was fantastic as well. One of the things I really liked about it was I didn’t have to wait for this reunion like so many of today’s attendees. Some of them went through ISI as long ago as 1999.

I said I would look into several of the things going on within the project. For the Annual Conference  I am already signed up to present at but perhaps I will get involved with one of the other programs such as Improving Students Analytical Skills.   I am still a little frustrated about missing the Pow Wow for the Annual Conference.

One thing from the summer institute we did at the reunion today was Author’s Chair.  I think this was the highlight of today. The spectrum of writing shared today was exciting and enlightening about the experiences of each former participant and each different varied style of writing. I also loved the gamut of older and younger people bring their life experiences to the group.


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