Ira Shor: Refuse the Test! Say No! Do NOT Be Cowed!

The public needs to be re-educated to see that tests don’t tell us very much at all about what a student knows. Just like medical testing, tests tell us about one part of the system in the living complicated human being. Tests in education work pretty much like this. They narrowly tell us about a small segment of the learning of that child.

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Ira Shor writes:

I refused PARCC for my 5th grade son in Montclair, NJ, and refused all PARCC test prep. AP at his school said that an alternate learning session will be available for him. My exchanges with AP and Principal have always been cordial; it’s the Broadie Supt. hired by the reactionary Board of Ed appointed by our developer Mayor which has created hostile turmoil and aggressive punishment here. Despite their fight to silence and suppress parent criticism and opting-out, the movement grows all around them. We parents have the power to shut down PARCC, CCSS, Gates, Pearson, Duncan, and their paid cronies in govt and media if we refuse to let them experiment on our kids with nonstop testing and refuse to let them waste our precious school moneys on endless tech buys, consultants, bandwidth, software, etc. We are gaining ground and soon will be an idea whose…

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One thought on “Ira Shor: Refuse the Test! Say No! Do NOT Be Cowed!

  1. Bob Braun’s Ledger 2-28-15 blog has statement re amount of time PARCC disrupts school year, written by faculty at Science Park HS (magnet public HS in Newark, NJ). They hit salient points.


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