Jacarandas such a lovely sight. NOT!

Let me tell you about the story of the jacaranda trees. I used to think “how beautiful!” what a wonderful sight; they are in full bloom. “Such a subtle shade of lavender.” I said such things until the spring of 2002. We had been in our condo for almost a year. We had gotten the little patio area cleared of a most massive tree which had dominated a 15 ft by 8 ft patio. This tree had grown so tall it blocked most of the sunlight from our upstairs bedroom window.

We had to have the roots of that tree ground up and we had to haul away so much debris we needed to take it all to the dump. We finally had a small tree left and we trimmed that and set stone around it, planted flowers, got a patio table and chair set and even bought a nice BBQ. It was approximately the middle of May. Then the flowers from the overhanging jacaranda tree stared to fall on our patio.

“Just look at this mess and I just swept them all up!” I shrieked as we were getting ready to have our first outdoor BBQ. Guests were on their way and here were those “lovely” flowers all over our patio attracting bees and falling on the BBQ even as we cooked. I gingerly walked among the flowers and the bees sweeping and cursing.

“What do you say, let’s ask the neighbors to cut the overhanging branches, isn’t there a law that would cover this kind of situation?” I proffered this suggestion but secretly I just wanted the whole tree down and out.

Three years later I am still sweeping flowers as I cautiously step between bees thinking, thinking, thinking, of a solution. We had asked the neighbors, who directed us to the association for the condo complex behind us and the answer was that if they trimmed the tree it would lose it “aesthetic beauty.” I had been one of those people who had in the past appreciated the aesthetic beauty and at first this seemed plausible. Why deprive all the people of the condo complex and other passersbys the wonderful sight of these exquisite flower strewn trees. After all, they didn’t have to clean up the muddle on the concrete or risk bee stings to do so. I know that someday in the middle of the night something is going to happen to that tree.

Actually, last year they did trim the tree back somewhat but this is one gloriously blooming tree. Dag Nab IT!


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