The sound of rain



My post today is reminiscent of days gone by:

The sound of the rain makes me reminisce about a visit to my Great Aunt’s house. She was a teacher, and step-mom to four children. She lived in the middle of Texas. In fact, there was some debate as to the exact middle of Texas being on her property. The thunder is what makes me remember her and visiting with her. We were sitting on her front porch one time and could see the thunder and lightning playing above the rolling hills in the distance. You could not see cities and towns from her house; she really was in the middle of nowhere. This was a splendid moment for me.

Speaking of my Great Aunt, she started out teaching in a one room school house and I know the story of that because she wrote it in one the two published books she wrote late in life. I have those two books and one of them tells many stories of her and my grandfather, her younger brother. This is a great legacy for my family to have. I will be passing on these books soon to my daughter.


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