Life lessons from DeMone

I planted my cactus garden on Sunday and it turned out quite cute. Jim had gotten this for me on his Vegas trip to the wholesale show for the miniatures.  I love plants. I especially love cactus and other succulents. There are so many different varieties. I have made up many collections of them in pots to give to friends and co-workers.

I was surfing the internet again. Does anyone do that anymore? I was just randomly putting words in the search on Google and this interesting article came up about a lady who they said was 90 and she had 45 life lessons to share. Turns out she  is only 54 but she has had a battle with breast cancer. She wrote one that says if you want to be a writer, then one should just write.  Because of her I am inspired  to start on my version of life lessons.  I think I will add to this a little at a time but here goes.

Smile often; sing in the shower; dance with joy; do this every day as medicine.

Hug every person you can as often as you can.

Plant plants, plant flowers, plant vegetable plants, plant seeds of joy–never stop planting. You don’t even have to harvest everything–just plant where others travel.

It won’t really pain you to laugh till it hurts; but never laugh at someone, only with them.

You can be the secret to someone else’s success, if you support their dreams with positive words.

Give of you time and your talents for the good of others—this is the best present anyone could ask for.

Using your brain only makes it better—not using your brain, well you decide why your brain gets more of the blood supply than the rest of your body.

Find out the whole story before you act—you may be pleasantly surprised—if not you will at least know where you stand.

Reuse everything you can—nature recycles; humans make trash that will last forever.

Love is an act of conscience, not an emotion.


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