Double Rainbow Panorama, Labs, and Three Column Notes among other things

This was the glorious rainbow over Sherman Indian. It was a fabulous sight!

Follow this link about rainbows!

On the school front, we did a lab this week in biology testing pH before and after adding a buffer. I had a full short answer test for the students at the end of the week. I was thinking I needed a rubric for short answer questions and so I quick developed one. Using it, I found that it was so much easier to grade the answers.

Since they need to learn how to answer the questions better I will give them a chance to redo it on Monday with the rubric and their graded answers to go by to redo it.

It will take me a while to grade them this weekend along with a few other assignments which I need to grade to get grades in by Tuesday. I am trying to change up my curriculum and grading  to be more in alignment to Common Core and NGSS along with mastery grading style. Some of the students really did want to do better to meet the expectations of the rubric when I shared it.

Students in chemistry did so well this week on generating their own three column notes for the molecular shape section of the textbook. My three column headings are: Term/Idea, Explanation, and Example. They can draw a diagram if they wish for the example column.  I finally think I have taught some of them how to do this. I know that some of the students have learned to copy other students work but not that many of them.

Jim is very sick. I am doing the nursing thing. He was in Vegas for the Wholesale Miniatures show and who knows what germs get brought in and out of there. He bought some really nice pieces. They are just delightfully cute.


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