Senator Whitehouse says it well

Finally someone has the right idea and says so.

“My experience in the education world is that there are really two worlds in it. One is the world of contract and consultants and academics and experts and plenty of officials at the federal state and local level. And the other is a world of principals and classroom teachers who are actually providing education to students. What I’m hearing from my principals’ and teachers’ world is that the footprint of that first world has become way too big in their lives to the point where it’s inhibiting their ability to do the jobs they’re entrusted to do.” -Senator Whitehouse

I really hope that this statement is like a shot gun heard around the world of education and those who are gung hoe about testing, not so good charter schools, and horrible VAM for teachers really start to open their minds about what is happening. You can’t legislate student achievement with testing. You must provide the support teachers need so they can teach and children of all backgrounds have the best shot at fulfilling their dreams through education.


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