The Experiment Yesterday

We had dramatic results from our chemistry experiment with pennies. I used an experiment similar to this one. In this one we cleaned the pennies with vinegar and salt, then we added a screw to the cleaning solution and it was coated with copper from the ions in the solution.  I thought is was quite fun and the students seemed to enjoy it. I think I will do one tomorrow with measuring the density of the older pennies and the newer pennies from 1984 onward. I think I will use the gold pennies lab tomorrow. I am learning to let go and no do so much lecture. Well, I did lecture today but yesterday was lab and we will do this other lab tomorrow.

Thursday will be a hands-on with the molecular models again. This time with more content knowledge for background. Last week it was just a hook and inquiry about the patterns they saw when they were building them. I still have to introduce the new grading system from what I learned from the book Grading Smarter Not Harder. This will be different for the students but I think they will like it once they get used to it.  I think they will really get it when they see that to goal is learning not just getting points.


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