Nostalgia and Pinterest Again

The prompt for my post today is the macramé bag I pinned on my Nostalgia Board on pinterest. I had bought a macramé bag when in Mexico City years ago. Wow, I went there as part of a school trip in High School. On that trip I had even had a chance to meet my pen pal who I had started writing in the previous year. He and his friend meet me at the airport when we got there. A few years later I had lost contact with that pen pal and I often wondered about him, especially after the earthquake they had a few years later in 1985. He was going to school to become a lawyer.

One of my previous posts was dedicated to the idea that we all have stages in our lives that seem like other lifetimes ago because the circumstance of our lives have changed so much from stage to stage. Thinking about that trip and the sights and sounds of a foreign city, the only one I have been to ever, I feel like that was such a long time ago and it is, yet I remember it like it was yesterday. I even added a board for places I have been on pinterest as well.

I really don’t feel like I am 59 years old, oops I guess I shouldn’t tell my age, I still feel young…what happened?


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