I was excited to have my principal and the reading coach in my room today as I introduced the NGSS Cross-Cutting Concept Patterns to my chemistry class using molecular models. I also took some pictures of students which I am not free to post on here but will send to the principal.

I gave them the model kit and the key and then said just write about the patterns you see in the components of the kit.

Then I had them build a couple of models to start, water and methane. I had them draw the models on paper.  Finally, I gave them the choice-autonomy- (Pink, 2009) to build any molecule with 10 atoms, but be sure to make all possible bonds, 4 for carbon, 1 for hydrogen, etc..

They then wrote a conclusion stating the patterns they saw in their resulting molecules. The whole idea wasn’t to have them learn all about molecules in this lesson–although some initial understanding of the concept will have been seeded for them– but to focus on observation of patterns.

I need a good conclusion to this lesson tomorrow so pray for me that I will have the inspiration to think of a really good wrap up to this lesson before I go into scale and proportion tomorrow.


—Pink, D. (2009). Drive. New York, N.Y.: Penguin Group.


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