I just finished teaching about ecology and evolution first semester. I had been reading on the NSTA listserv that some teachers were flipping around the curricular maps to teach these big concepts at first and then get into the details of cell biology and physiology later in the year. I tried this and I will see this semester if it is a good fit. I change the layout of my room often. I change the order of doing main topics in the curriculum. I try new ways of doing things all the time. I can’t imagine teaching every year the same way the same lessons, all the time. I have a few lessons I teach the same way each year. One in particular is the Sponge Bob genetics worksheet lesson. I need to improve on this one as well though. It didn’t work as well as I think it should the last time I did it, so I want to incorporate some actual physical model and do the work as a group discovery assignment. Why do I change things so much? It keeps things fresh and new for the students. And the students need customized lessons that really bring home the learning.


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