Today’s Research Common Core and New Assessments

I had time to do some research. Well, I have found some of the answers to my questions about Common Core and assessments and  I found them at this link. I found that there is not a specified nor is there a required assessment for the Common Core. There is no required curriculum.

It is sad that Nicholas Tampio did not understand that when he wrote his article “Do we need Common Core?”  in the Huffington Post. So I continued my research with the link to Peter Greene’s site on Diane Ravitch’s  blog,  which referenced the document put out by Pearson “Preparing for a Renaissance in Assessment” by Peter Hill and Michael Barber.

All in all, Pearson wants assessment to take decision making away from teachers and put it into the hands of micromanaging assessments, which the authors believe will improve student outcomes. I still need to read this one thoroughly as it is put out by the makers of the PARCC test.

My first research article I found about assessments and student outcomes is rather old but I will add to the list soon, nevertheless, this article published in 2007 shows how “High Stakes Tests Do Not Improve Student Learning.”

There will be more to come of my opinion but my first inkling of what I would propose would be in the area of portfolio assessments. I have started my research in that area as well.








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