Holiday Greeting to all! Celebrating Family Meals

I cooked a big turkey and ham dinner today and it all turned out well. There is so much food left even with sending quite a bit of it with the departing family members. I didn’t do much online reading or thinking about education or anything at all for that matter. I guess it is good to just take a break from everything and just do the domestic thing.

I have always thought it very important to have family meals. Even though now, we have our meals in front of the TV, we still eat together. Why is eating together such an important part of family life? When I was a child it was a time to talk and tell the events of the day, and sometimes to even have grand discussions of many different things. My father used to play devil’s advocate for anything I brought us as a debatable point of view.

Besides the fact that meals are best served fresh and hot, I feel that this time is a way for the family unit to share their day and bond after being apart. What do y0u think? Why and how is family meal time important to you?

Well thank you  to the three followers I now have to this blog. Posting regularly really does seem to work.


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