Grading Smarter Not Harder is a great book

Now, how do I go about implementing the great ideas. It will be easy in my classroom then I want to use the success of the approach to get the ideas to go school wide. The first idea that I want to implement in only putting completed work in the grade book. No zero grades. Students will have to fill out a form for each undone assignment after the final due date.

The second idea is to implement no grades for homework. The most they will be responsible for is a homework quiz. The main reason why this author Myron Dueck give for not putting homework in the grade book is that there is no way to confirm that the student did the work. Another reason is that homework as a grade doesn’t reflect mastery of the concepts.

I have been reading most of Diane Ravitch’s blogs and I am more upset the more I read. I knew that the charter school movement was a method to destroy public education. I was na├»ve about the common core and the problems associated with adoption of these standards. I will read more before I put to pen my opinions. Basically I need to figure out what I think is the solution before I state my beliefs about the whole thing.


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