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In a most recent comment I made on Diane Ravitch’s blog I said somewhat offhandedly; there is  nothing really wrong with the focuses of Common Core. (I really think there are good things about the Common Core, as it will enhance learning in the classroom. The problems is, how will the students be assessed?)  This elicited a comment from another person which  came from a truly political point of view. The focus of this comment was toward  how the standards got started, who had input,  and most of all the high stake testing tied to it.

I think this the root of the problem, the testing. These are the questions I really need to research: When the states sign on to use Common Core do they have to pick the PARCC or the SBAC or can they develop their own tests? Do they have to use tests at all? Is this shift to Common Core tied up with NCLB?. I don’t understand all the ties between NCLB and Common Core but I am going to find out. As I read through Diane’s blogs I will check and see if there are ways I can cut to the chase and find out the answers to my questions without magnanimous research of my own.

I am really getting fed up with what I have learned from reading Diane’s blogs about charter schools. When I was a child I used to listen to a record which had the story of Hansel and Gretel. In the story the mother of the children says to her husband, “Something has to be done, husband, something has to be done!”  She sounded really devilish on the record.  I feel like saying the same thing to anyone who will hear me, and I would say it with evil thoughts about how our tax payer money supports schools which are not accountable for how they spend the money. This is where the story of Hansel and Gretel departs from the gist of my opinion. Money I could be using in my classroom to enhance students education is being spent elsewhere. I want to feed the children not lose them in the forest.


4 thoughts on “Comments I made

  1. Yes, I would really like to find it. I also had a 45 that had a song on it on one side called the backward song. I have never heard it or seen it since I was a child of about 8 years old. I would love to find that one also.


    1. I think it was a Disney one. I may have it somewhere in my storage unit. If I remember right it had Peter Pan on the other side of this LP. I tried a search on the internet but didn’t find it yet.


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