Posted a comment on Diane Ravitch’s blog

I don’t usually do much commenting but I just started following Diane Ravitch’s blog. Boy is she prolific in her posts. Sometimes they are just links to other posts and sometimes full-blown blog posts. I will tell you, at first I was a little surprised about her take on Common Core, but now it really makes sense to me how it is just another top down way to destroy public education. Regardless, I am in the trenches, as she reiterates from Paul Karrer in this most recent post:

I can’t help but do what I must to teach Common Core and NGSS. I am in the trenches and I will slog away at the teaching doing all I can for my students. I have no choice, I am in it for the long haul or at least the next 10 years because I can’t retire any sooner than that. It just makes me wonder what a teacher new to the profession will think of all this. I imagine it is not much different than when I started teaching right when NCLB was passed.


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