Visual on DNA

I just saw an article about how researchers were able to use an electron microscope to “see” a few strands of DNA. It only took 69 year to do this, from the time DNA’s basic structure was discovered by Watson, Crick and as I always add Rosaline Franklin.

What seems so amazing to me about this is the  quest to visualize such microscopic items will lead to even more discoveries about the mysteries of life. Yet at the same time there are many mysteries of life which we will never be able to see, such as up quarks and down quarks and Higgs bosons.

I have been learning some theoretical physics of late, which has been boggling my mind lately. I compartmentalize my mind-boggling learning to the car, as I listen to an audio book on my way to and from work.

If I get through the book I will tell you if there’s anything left of my mind by making another post to this blog! 🙂


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