Sherman Indian High School Cemetery

It was a little emotional to me today to go the school cemetery  for cleanup. Realizing that there is so much history at the school and seeing the students working hard to maintain and clean the cemetery just really struck me as another page in the saga of how these students are part of a conquered people. They have generational trauma, still to this day. I know I would feel very driven to do justice to those buried there if they we my ancestors who died at the school I was attending.

I also know that I am right, in fact my whole family is right, to opt for cremation. I already have an emotional time around the holidays. Dad, Mom, my younger brother, Craig  and now my last Uncle Bob are gone and I remember them well and often. Visiting a grave never appealed to me as a way to honor their memory. I think it is better to remember them as life goes on and you are doing something which reminds you of the wonderful times.


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