What was the biggest challenge of your high school career?

Hello and welcome to my weekly blog on education to be updated every week on Saturday.

As an educator I look for feedback and want to know what is working and what is not in the classroom. Sometimes when the discussion in class is active enough and more and more of the students are listening and giving me feeback right then and there I find out what is working.

Unfortunately, there are too many students who are not actively engaged in their own learning. Therefore, to get any feedback from these kinds of students is difficult at best. I am hoping with this blog post to get some feedback from former students.

I need to ask these questions of my former students, to whom I will give the link to this blog:

If you often were not actively engaged in your own learning process, zoning out so to speak,  could you pinpoint some the reasons for this?

What were the unique challenges of your high school career?

What kinds of lessons helped you to learn the most?

What kinds of lessons have been useful now that you are out of high school?

Please post any answers as comments.


4 thoughts on “What was the biggest challenge of your high school career?

  1. I never fit in with school either, and the funny thing is, I became a teacher! Maybe I wanted to make a difference because I had some great teachers and some not so great ones, I guess I wanted to try to be one of the greats, still working on that one! School is difficult not only from the learning side of it but the social, too many kids get involved in the social aspects and forget the real reason they sit in a classroom everyday, we really need to keep them focused on their goals for the future. Support the emotions they are feeling, be understanding and sometimes just listen. On the other side remind them every day that education is the key that will open all the doors to their life even if they don’t understand that just yet, with enough reminders they will eventually come around and understand.


  2. The unique challenges in my hishschool was asking questions n front of everyone becasue i thought it might be a stupid question od commen scense n i didnt want to feel in any way . lessons that i learned is to always talked to yr teacher alone or after class or either ask another student and tell them to ask the question > i also learned to not be afraid to ask any question because it is alerning process that why it is called school. Give points to h\who askes questions or answers or evens tryies to learn > i also think maybe a study can take action after school for answering questions b the teacher .


  3. Interesting Website for school. I had the problem in school of being on the outside. I didn’t fit in well. I was really into the printing class and I didn’t get along with the popular ones at all. Despite that I had many friends who were girls. I was just focused on the printing and just getting by with my grades. I hated reading and so much reading was in school.


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