What was the biggest challenge of your high school career?

Hello and welcome to my weekly blog on education to be updated every week on Saturday.

As an educator I look for feedback and want to know what is working and what is not in the classroom. Sometimes when the discussion in class is active enough and more and more of the students are listening and giving me feeback right then and there I find out what is working.

Unfortunately, there are too many students who are not actively engaged in their own learning. Therefore, to get any feedback from these kinds of students is difficult at best. I am hoping with this blog post to get some feedback from former students.

I need to ask these questions of my former students, to whom I will give the link to this blog:

If you often were not actively engaged in your own learning process, zoning out so to speak,  could you pinpoint some the reasons for this?

What were the unique challenges of your high school career?

What kinds of lessons helped you to learn the most?

What kinds of lessons have been useful now that you are out of high school?

Please post any answers as comments.


What is my philosophy of life?

This first post on my blog is about me and me alone.

What is my philosophy of life?

I am almost 56 years old and it feels like I have lived several lifetimes already. Time is such a strange thing. Time goes by so quickly, yet how do we measure it. Sometimes I think for me it gets measured in phases. I have heard others and I have even said of past segments of my life, “That was another lifetime ago.” The examples for me have to do with the ‘early years’, as most would say it, and then my ‘wife and mother’ stage, my ‘divorced and single parent’ stage and now my “new marriage, career builigng’ stage.

So what do the stages of my life have to do with my philosophy? Each new stage of my life starts out as a new, sometimes exciting chapter where many adjustments and acclimations ensue. Sometimes, a pattern of adjustment comes about and a certain equilibrium comes to be. The fluxes and flows of life are all attempts to come to some type of harmony with the environment we have created for ourselves and with others so that there is peace and accord within the realms of our lives.  If we are not in harmony we are not in touch with our purpose in life.

What is that purpose? That purpose is to support the community and be in harmony with community, not only our fellow humans but all of the living and non-living parts of our world.  Since many of us in this modern civilized world have removed ourselfs from direct contact with much of the natural community that supports us, no wonder we are not supporting our community toward harmony.

Well, this is enough for now. More post later on on this subject and more.